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Connect deeper within the wisdom of your soul and bring your hearts desires to life

Sound Healing Therapy has been used for healing the mind, body and spirit since the beginning of time dating back 1000’s of years to our indigenous and native tribes. Scientific studies have shown that using certain tones and frequencies can bring our cells back to vibrating in balance and has the ability to heal disease of the mind and body.

Private Healing Sessions with the Oracle of Sound

Heather Is a clear channel of universal Mother in all her forms. Her direct connection brings clarity and insight to areas of your life in need of balance and healing. Bringing a sense of peace within and clear direction on your path forward. Heather was born with a gift to read your soul blueprint and assist you on the journey living through the heart. With training in many different modalities, it is the embodiment of her soul gifting that opens and realigns you to love and truth.

Sound Healing Sessions

In reconnecting back to our source, we connect with certain frequencies of sound as our awakener to remember our original selves in balance, peace, harmony and joy within.

Just like the sun, quartz crystal singing bowls used during your session emit photons (life force energy). This energy activates light in the body, and from this light, our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, allowing for personal awakening at the DNA level.

If you are looking for balance, healing, peace and serenity in your life, and are looking to awaken higher states of awareness and connection, contact the Oracle of Sound for a private sound healing session.
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Channelled Readings

Phone, Skype or Face to Face Readings.

Heather together with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Arch Angels and other divine beings of light working with Heather deliver messages and healing to assist you on your journey. Heather Trans channels these beings of divine love and light for you to experience their beautiful healing energy.

Any issues that are blocking you from moving forward in love and peace are addressed and the way forward through connection with your hearts truth are unlocked for you to know the experience of the truth in you. All readings empower you in you own council as your truth is confirmed. Any questions you may have can be addressed leaving you with a clear way forward to greater love, peace and harmony in your life.
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Post Birth Healing Sessions

During the birthing process of mothers to be, the energy body of the mother expands and aligns to an open portal of energy to birth their new soul into the world. 

During this time, the pain of childbirth can result in a separation of the energy body to the physical body which results in the body taking a lot longer time to heal.  This separation of the energy body to the physical body can also result in post- natal depression.

The womb space for women is the doorway to the mystery of the sacred feminine, our universal selves and giving birth opens this doorway. In these healing sessions Heather grounds and balances the energy body again to assist the physical, emotional and mental body with fatigue as well as re balancing the hormones.

This assists mothers with support through this change of life.
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I want to share my experience of receiving healing from Heather Jean after birth.

10 years ago I had a carefully planned home birth. I was excited to bring our baby into the world in a gentle, unrestricted way and chose a water birth at home (with the assistance of a home birth midwife). After going into labour and feeling the contraction pain I got into the bath earlier than what I possibly should have. Consequently, my cervix developed an interior lip (could only stretch to 9cm and became rubbery and wouldn't expand the full 10cm for birth). After labouring for 22 hours I felt the right thing to do was go to the hospital. After another number of hours persisting to calm this anterior lip I ended up having a caesarean to birth our son as he was becoming stressed.

In the caesarean my uterus tore and I had a large blood loss. After 26 hours of labour, no sleep, no food and the blood loss, understandably I was exhausted.  The doctors were monitoring me for a blood transfusion. Heather was available to offer energy healing and psychic surgery to aid in my recovery and I have to say it was the best thing I experienced to help my body heal from the experience on many different levels. For 3 months after the healing, every day I could feel the 'wave' of energy healing still working in my energy field and uterus. It helped with my physical healing and within a couple of days I felt strong and capable looking after our baby and doing all the everyday tasks that normally take at least 6 weeks after caesarean. 

I can highly recommend post birth healing with Heather to accelerate healing and have you back on your feet, balanced and ready to move into the new role of mothering your precious bundle!  Best wishes to you all.  ~ Fi Cardwell xxx

Transformation Sessions

What to expect from a breakthrough session: In these appointments we ascertain what is at the root of your issue causing you suffering. Whether your issue is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Once you are aware of the root cause we can clear the issue using several different techniques whether that be NLP, energy balancing and aligning or hypnosis. I will apply whichever technique I feel will be the most powerful for you to shift and clear the issue and come back to your center.

These sessions are extremely powerful as I work with the unconscious mind which is what is being reflected in your life right now. You can make decisions to change things or aspects of yourself in life however if you have not cleared the unconscious thought that is creating the pattern or issue in your life you will keep on repeating the same pattern, therefore receiving the same results.

Ask me about SPECIAL RATES for multiple and ongoing sessions and treatment plans.

All sessions available by phone, skype or in person.
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