Heather Jean is known as the Oracle of Sound®. A Shaman and modern day medicine woman, Heather works together directly with spirit and the universal intelligence to leave you feeling lighter, more connected, balanced and with a clearer sense of direction.

"It’s time to slow down and invite in more love and enjoyment of life.
Write the music of your hearts desires and live the lifestyle of your dreams,
through deep listening and connection to your heart and soul."
- Heather Jean, Oracle of Sound

Practitioners Training

The Oracle of Sound Practitioners Training is an IICT certificated course, qualifying you to begin your sound healing journey.

Details of upcoming Practitioners Program Events in Perth, Bunbury, Broome & Bali can be found here...
Practitioners Training

Sound Healing Events

Join Spiritual Teacher, Master Sound Medicine Healer, Alchemist and Oracle of Sound, Heather Jean in these experiential events specifically channelled for all who are attending.  Align and learn about the energy of sound, and how this relates to your life.
Sound Healing EventsBecome a Practitioner

Crystal Alchemy Bowls & Frosted Bowls

Modern day Medicine Woman, the Oracle of Sound, Heather Jean can prescribe a crystal bowl set especially for you. 
  • Accelerate, expand and awaken your higher consciousness
  • Assist your Mind, Body and Emotions in finding balance
  • Enhance your own personal mastery
  • Deepen your understanding and connection to yourself and life
  • Bring Peace, deep rest and healing
Find Your Soul's Bowl

Oracle Retreats

Join Spiritual Teacher, Master Sound Medicine Healer, Alchemist and Oracle of Sound Heather Jean on an incredible sound healing retreat.

Expressions of interest are invited for our Thailand Chang Mai Sacred Union Retreat

November 7th to 14th 2023

From an attendee:
"I recently attended Heather's ‘Alchemy of Creation Retreat’ on the Big Island of Hawaii. Something inside of me knew I just needed to go on this retreat and it was nothing short of life changing. Heather creates an amazing safe space. where you are nourished, nurtured and feel loved up. This allowed my body and cells to unwind and be present ,to be able to dive deeper into my life purpose and divine gifts receive healing and expansion. I feel more awakened to my life purpose on the planet. So much gratitude to you Heather and the beautiful retreat you created for us. For how you served us all, so we can now go out and help serve the world in bigger ways."

~ Sarah Kate WA Perth
Upcoming Retreats

Private Oracle Sessions

In these transformational sessions Oracle of Sound Heather Jean works directly with your soul and energy systems to clear, energise and balance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Heather has been trained in many healing modalities including Sound Alchemy, Reiki, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, crystal healing, NLP, life coaching, Arhatic Yoga and is a clear channel for the Divine Mother in all her aspects.
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About Heather Jean, Oracle of Sound

Heather is a universal spiritual teacher/healer, sound alchemist, author, speaker and student of life.

She has been described as a modern day medicine woman and earth mother to all. A clear channel of the sacred divine mother in all her aspects, she was gifted the ability to open gateways to higher states of awareness and consciousness through sound, bringing humanity and the earth, love, healing, peace and balance.

She is the creator of meditation Cd’s, new age spiritual music and books for children and adults. The Magic of You Program, Keeping Kids Connected, mentoring programs and is an international facilitator of spiritual development retreats, along with the Internationally Accredited ‘Oracle of Sound‘ Practitioners Training.
Heather's passion for life comes in her service work to humanity and the Earth.

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Crystal Bowls

Awaken your spirit and experience the Crystal Singing Bowls, sounds and wisdom for healing.
Find Your Soul Bowl

Upcoming Events

Experience the Oracle of Sound LIVE at one of these transformative events for the public & practitioners.
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