Sound Healing Journey - Margaret River


Join Heather for this powerful, gentle journey through the heart ❤️ deepening your connection to the deep peace and inner calm that lays beneath the surface of life’s demands.


Join Heather Jean for this powerful, gentle journey through the heart ❤️ deepening your connection to the deep peace and inner calm that lays beneath the surface of life’s demands.

Balancing the mind, body and soul are essential to feeling true happiness calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety.

Heather Jean is known as a modern day medicine woman who will lead you on a journey with her brand new creations Heart Matrix H2O(R) -Vibrational Healing Essences with Sound, breath and guided meditation.

Chakra Essences are chosen for the soul group journey and blessings received through their healing and your connection to your heart.

Heather shares messages of the now, bringing practical guidance through the spoken word and channels songs and chants of the soul taking you deeper into connection with your soul and the divine within you.

The deep sense of connection to your heart, soul and spirit anchored into every cell of your body is carried within you to reconnect and build on in your own meditation practice and life.

The magical journey of sound through voice is accompanied with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls who bring with them their own signature healing and awakening higher consciousness to your heart's innate intelligence allowing your soul's path to become clearer in the deep silence and relaxation found in the higher frequencies…

Drums , chimes , rain stick and the dreamy Dreamharp sharing deep healing, cleansing the energy field assist in relaxing the mind and body.

What to bring

  • Water bottle for blessings
  • Journal if you have messages that come through you want to remember.

Look forward to sharing with you all

In gratitude and service to love

Heather Jean

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