Reach for the Stars


A wonderful way to relax at any time of the day and is especially useful to listen to when helping send your child into a blissful, peaceful sleep at bedtime.

Relax you Body - This track helps relax your mind and body through bringing awareness to your breathing.
The Magical Me - Feel and Sense your Magical Energies in and around you.
Creating Coloured Energy Balls - Choose a colour your body needs and create a coloured healing energy ball just for you or you may like to send it to someone else!
The Magical Rainbow - walk into the magical rainbow and recieve special gifts from the coloured rainbow rays.
Riding the Rainbow to the Magical Fairy Garden - ride the magical rainbow to the fairy garden and recieve a fairy song for your heart. A great meditation to fill your heart with love and healing.
You Are a Shining Star - clean and balance your chakras and become a shining star. This is a beautiful meditation to help with confidence and self esteem.
The Crystal Healing Cave with Archangel Michael - meet Archangel Michael in the Crystal Healing Cave and recieve your sword of truth

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