The Stunning Grandmother Bowl brings with her the nurturing energy of a grandmother to help soothe the hard knocks in life and remind us that everything is going to be ok. She is a great healer. Being in the note of A -50 it assists in clearing and activating the third eye, assisting those with busy minds, worry and stress melting away and assisting with a higher perspective.

This bowl is a fantastic bowl for therapists and healers who work with clients who are working on letting go of past wounds and victimhood.

It also helps to clear the energy field of negativity

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We offer Door to Door Fragile Freight Courier Service for delivery of bowls purchased within Australia. This service is a flat rate fee of $132 AUD

International orders are welcome, shipping costs are based on weight/volume and destination of the package, therefore just send an email to [email protected] and we will give you a quote for the shipping.

It is Australian law that International Shipping requires a Customs Declaration to be completed regarding the cost of the item. Please note there may be fees and Taxes required to be paid in the country of destination, and this is the responsibility of the purchaser.

You will be contacted by your customs department prior to final delivery to your address.

All crystal bowls are shipped complete with suede mallet and O ring.

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