Azeztulite is a celestial connector of the “ I AM “ energy of oneness and is said to be one of the highest vibrating crystals on the planet bringing the energy of the new earth.

The frequency of this crystal and the alchemy it brings of connection to higher consciousness, opens the gateways to other dimensions and activates the throat chakra our center of wisdom and truth to connect to the higher consciousness and channel it through. Your crown chakra, third eyes and throat opening, clearing and awakening.

Platinum bringing the energy of the divine feminine

Lemon Aura Gold -   Allows one to discover their true assence and will power, to come from a place of knowing and staying balanced with the divine masculine and feminine.

Soft yellow gold connects with our Lightbody, energises our strength and vitality with the Solar Sun. Supporting transformation through the guidance and wisdom of the Golden Ray. Platinum grounds the energy and carries the Feminine flow throughout life. It serves creative force and inspiration.

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We offer Door to Door Fragile Freight Courier Service for delivery of bowls purchased within Australia. This service is a flat rate fee of $132 AUD

International orders are welcome, shipping costs are based on weight/volume and destination of the package, therefore just send an email to [email protected] and we will give you a quote for the shipping.

It is Australian law that International Shipping requires a Customs Declaration to be completed regarding the cost of the item. Please note there may be fees and Taxes required to be paid in the country of destination, and this is the responsibility of the purchaser.

You will be contacted by your customs department prior to final delivery to your address.

All crystal bowls are shipped complete with suede mallet and O ring.

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